The $XFT Guide

The $XFT Guide

Table of contents:

  • Introduction
  • How to set your $XFT trustline?
  • Where and how to buy $XFT?


This guide will bring you up to speed on how to set your $XFT trustline, how and where to purchase $XFT during our IDO. Since $XFT is an XRPL based token, this requires users to add a trustline to view the token in their wallet. XRPL Trustlines are a permission to display certain trusted assets within your XRPL wallet.

Further details on $XFTs tokenomics can be found at our website our Lightpaper.

 TL;DR - the details for XFT are as follows:

  • Set $XFT Trustline
  • Issuer Address: rGpnoqYLzWytxwQhhz715nRbqyCHM7zhxt
  • Token currency code: XFT
  • Limit: 250000000

Dex info

How to set your $XFT trustline

Start by creating an XRP wallet. For this example we'll be using the Xumm wallet. 

After creating/logging into your wallet, you will need to add a trustline for $XFT - this will enable your wallet to display $XFT.

To do this, head over to and press the ‘Set Trustline’ button.

This will display the set trustline page over at XRP ledger services. Simply press confirm to continue.

If you're using a PC, you will be presented with a QR code to scan via your phone’s Xumm app.

Just press the Xumm app icon (the blue button at the bottom of your screen) and press the ‘Scan QR code’ button. Then scan the QR code.

(Mobile users, you’ll be redirected directly to the Xumm app so you can skip this step) 

Your Xumm wallet will then present you with the review screen, slide to sign the transaction and your wallet will now be ready to display XFT!

Where and how to buy $XFT

XFT can be bought via any XRPL DEX (decentralised exchanges). In this example we will be using the Sologenic DEX.

Firstly, head over to and you’ll see links to the DEX’s.

To purchase $XFT using the Sologenic DEX, Click their link and it'll redirect to the XFT/XRP page.

Then press the 'Connect Wallet' button connect your XRPL wallet.

Once your wallet is connected, the DEX will refresh to display the default SOLO/XRP pair. Head back to and press the SologenicDEX button again, this will display the XFT/XRP and will enable you to purchase $XFT.

Alternatively you can manually add the token pair, press the 'Network - Mainnet' button, then press the cog icon. this will allow you to add a custom token pair.

Select the issuer button and choose 'other'. The paste the $XFT issuer code in the custom address field. (rGpnoqYLzWytxwQhhz715nRbqyCHM7zhxt). Lastly, press the currency button and select XFT then press confirm.

After this, you will need to add XRP to trading pair, choose XRP then press confirm.

Lastly, to purchase $XFT during the IDO, select the 'limit' option to place a limit order. $XFT will be sold for 0.1 XRP per $XFT so enter '0.1' in the XRP price field. Then enter how much $XFT you'd like to purchase and place the order!

After this, you're all set to purchase $XFT when our IDO starts on the 26th of January at 17:00 GMT!


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