The $XFT Snapshot


The $XFT Snapshot

The long wait is now over and the snapshot has occurred! 

Table of contents:

- The Overview
- The Snapshot
- The Distribution

The Overview 

The $XFT snapshot occurred on the 6th of March 2023 at 20:00 (GMT). This airdrop marks the single biggest airdrop of $XFT at 20% of the total supply (50% of the Airdrop Pool). NFTempo will be airdropping the 37,500,000 $XFT on the 20th of March 2023 at 20:00 GMT.

The remaining 50% of tokens within the Airdrop pool will be distributed over 12 months to $XFT holders. Snapshots will occur at a random date within the month to negate manipulation. The first of these airdrops will occur in April 2023 and will conclude in April 2024.

The Snapshot

The $XFT snapshot occured on the 6th of March 2023 at 20:00 (GMT). At the point of snapshot 23,409 XRP wallets had set a trustline to $XFT. 

A total of 148,663,680.737375 XRP holdings participated 

A total of 1,017,072.62477 XFT holdings participated 

This means the final ratios for the first airdrop will be:

For XRP Holders the ratio is 0.12612360939

(18,750,000 ÷ 148,663,680.737375 = 0.12612360939)

For XFT Holders the ratio is 18.4352616946

(18,750,000 ÷ 1,017,072.62477 XFT = 18.4352616946)

These may be subject to change due to incorrect trustlines, unsupported wallets and flaggings of bot/farmer wallets.

The Distribution 

Tokens will be distributed on the 20th of March at 20:00 GMT. Users will receive their tokens at this point in time. 

NFTempo made the decision to exclude exchanges from this airdrop due to previous malpractice. This airdrop and all future airdrops will only be available to self custody wallets in our bid to promote self custody.

From the entire NFTempo team, we would like to thank everyone who participated in our first airdrop. We look forward to bringing music, tokenised royalties, NFTickets and NFT-Fi to the XRPL!