The Launch

The Launch

 Monday the 10th of april marks the final sprint towards the launch of our music NFT marketplace. We would like to bring the community fully up to speed with the launch roadmap. 

Table of contents:

- Testnet Stage

- The Launch

- Things to come…

- Special Mentions 


Testnet Stage

We will run the Testnet stage for 2 weeks (10th - 23rd of April). Week one will only be open for artists, week two will be open for everyone. The first stage will allow artists to familiarise themselves with the platform and pass on feedback to the NFTempo team. The second week of testing enables us to bring the community into the heart of testing, and provide a preview of the most exciting marketplace to launch on the XRPL!

The Testnet Stage will see the platform running on the XRPL testnet, this enables risk free troubleshooting for both NFTempo and testers. Feedback, bug reporting and more would be greatly appreciated, with our discord server forming our primary communication channel for testing.

The Launch

Following a successful Testnet period, we will launch the Music NFT Marketplace. This will take place on the 24th of April and will mark the first of our modules to go live. 

We initially planned to launch the marketplace in march but opted to completely overhaul our UI and extend in house testing. This decision was made to ensure we deliver a truly revolutionary platform to fans, musicians and the XRPL community. 

Our Music NFT Marketplace will completely redefine how artists can connect with their fans, it’ll redefine music fundraising and will bring music to the XRPL.

Things to come…

Following on from the initial launch period, we’ll roll out additional features such as bulk minting, additional platform optimisations and ease of life changes. 

Certain features such as bulk minting have been added to our ‘V2’ list as they require additional time owing to the complexity of building bespoke systems on the XRPL. We will publish an extensive changelog following the launch.

After we roll out the V2 changes to the music NFT marketplace, we will commence work on the Tokenised Royalties marketplace, NFTicking hub and NFT-Fi module. The vision behind NFTempo is a total overhaul for the music industry and our Music NFT marketplace represents the very first step in delivering this.

NFTempo will be airdropping $XFT holders with 37,500,000 $XFT over the coming 12 months. Further information can be found in our airdrop article.

Special mentions

The journey toward our launch has come with all the standard headaches of building a revolutionary platform. However, the NFTempo team stepped up to the challenge and we can finally present our hard work to the world! 

Our CTO David has been instrumental throughout our journey and continues to be the brains behind all aspects of the platform's technological side. Our CMO Niall has led the marketing charge, bringing many exceptional artists to our lineup! 

The NFTempo team would like to thank SwissTechToken for their professionalism and support throughout the $XFT airdrop. 

Lastly, we would like to thank the entire NFTempo community for following us along the journey so far. We cannot wait to hand you the most exciting music platform and continue to provide you with a front row seat in music's greatest revolution!


The Music NFT Marketplace will enter its testing phase for artists on the 10th of April. Testing will open to users on the 17th of April. The Music NFT Marketplace will launch on the 24th of April.

V2 changes will be rolled out after launch. Following V2, we will launch our other modules in stages. (with announcements being made at a later date)