The Testnet

The Testnet

Today marks the first day of public testing of our music NFT marketplace. The testnet phase will continue for two weeks as we iron out any remaining bugs and implement changes from user/artist feedback

Table of contents:

- The Testnet Guide
- The Marketplace

The Testnet Guide 

The testnet will primarily be open to artists for week one of testing, however we welcome anyone to join! The XRPL Testnet does what it says on the tin, all balances are for testing purposes only and do not carry any financial value. The primary objective of the testnet period is for you to familiarise yourself with the marketplace and for us to identify any potential bugs/ease of life changes which we’ll deploy ASAP.

We have a number of additional features which are still in the pipeline such as bulk minting, music video support and fiat payments (plus much more!)

To get started with testing the marketplace, firstly, head over the XRPLs faucets page, choose the testnet option and click generate testnet credentials.

Simply copy the secret address and head over to xumm. At the top right of the Xumm app you will see ‘accounts’, tap this and press ‘add account’. After this you’ll need to tap import and existing wallet, select full access, select family seed and paste the secret key from the XRP faucet. 

Finally, head to settings then tap advanced and select the wws:// Test net.

Then you're all set to start testing!

The Marketplace

Once on the testnet marketplace, simple connect to you testnet xumm wallet and you're ready to go! we welcome you to play around, practice minting, selling and buying Testnet NFTs! We ask for all feedback to be sent in our discord server. 

We have a number of features we will be rolling out throughout the testing period, which we will announce once they’re live. We want you to have as much fun with the test marketplace as possible and experience the greatest revolution in music from a front row seat!