How To Mint

Welcome to NFTempo and thank you for considering to mint your music NFTs with us! 

Here is a simple step by step guide on minting and listing your first Music NFT!

Required to Mint:

• Active XUMM Wallet

• XRP (recommended 30 XRP minimum – to cover reserve and transaction fees)


•Head over to

⚬ Then press the "≡" button which will reveal the “connect wallet” button.

⚬ Press “connect wallet” which will reveal another “connect” button & a QR code.

⚬ Pressing connect or scanning the QR code will open up XUMM where you will be prompted to sign, to accept connecting your wallet to the marketplace. If this doesn’t show automatically, check events in XUMM, it will show there.

⚬ Once you have signed on XUMM, it will re-direct you back to the site where in the top right hand corner of the page you should see a circle image which is your profile and the “create” button.

⚬ You are now connected to the marketplace!


Selecting the circle in the top right corner next to ‘Create’ on desktop or the "≡" button on mobile, will bring up your profile.

Selecting the circle will reveal a few selections, “profile” “edit profile” “my collection” & “disconnect”

“EDIT PROFILE” Will allow you to fill information such as, Profile image & banner, artist name/username, email address & bio. 

This is what others will be able to see when visiting your profile.


Selecting “Create” on desktop, or the "≡" button on mobile & then “Create” Will bring up the mint an NFT page.

⚬ First of all, you have the choice to create a single NFT or Multiple NFTs.

Choose 'Single' for one of a kind or 'Multiple' if you want to sell one collectible multiple times.

⚬ Upload your song!

File types supported: .mp3,.wav,.aav (Max size: 20MB)

We recommend mp3 files for the time being. As we progress the file size limit shall increase to support higher quality files.

⚬ Song name: 

Enter the title of song

⚬ Collection: (Multiple ONLY)

This is the collection where your item will appear. For new collections, create a new collection first & then select this for the NFT Collection.

Creating a collection: (Multiple ONLY)

Fill out the following information.

•Collection profile image:

File types supported: JPG, PNG. [ max size: 10 MB ]

•Collection Banner: (NOT Required)

File types supported: JPG, PNG. [ max size: 10 MB ]

•Collection Name:

•Collection Description:

Then press “Create Collection” 

This created collection will then appear in the drop down bar of the “collection” option back on the create page.

⚬ Number of Copies: (Multiple ONLY)

Enter the desired number of NFTs you want to create.

⚬ Upload NFT Thumbnail/Artwork:

File types supported: JPG, PNG. (Max size: 10MB)

⚬ Features:

You can add traits in your NFT metadata. This can include any days you want to include, BPM, Style, etc. Along with any features/traits /utilities you want to offer, this can be free Music NFTs, Whitelisting, Free merch, name in credits, whatever you could think of &/or want to offer.

⚬ Genre:

Select the genres in your NFT & add them to the metadata.

⚬ Song Year: 

You can add the year of the song was created in your NFT metadata.

⚬ Credits:

You can add credits in your NFT metadata, songwriters, producer, etc.

⚬ External Link:

This site will include a link to this URL on this item's detail page, so that users can click to learn more about it. You are welcome to link to your own webpage with more details

⚬ NFT Description:

Enter the description of your Music NFT. The description will be included on the item`'s detail page underneath its image. (Markdownsyntax is supported)

⚬ Sale Royalty:

Between 0.00% and 50.00%

This is the % of the secondary market sale that you will retain as royalties. 

⚬ Flags:

• Burnable: If set, this indicates that the issuer (or an entity authorized by the issuer) can destroy the object. The object's owner can always do so.

•OnlyXRP: If set, the NFT can only be offered or sold for XRP.

•Transferable: If set, this indicates that this NFT can be transferred. This flag has no effect if the token is being transferred from the issuer or to the issuer. You can't uncheck it.

⚬ Explicit Content:

Check the box if the content is for audiences over 18.


Once you have pressed create, you will be asked/directed to sign on XUMM to create the NFT. 

IF you are creating multiple, you will hear asked to sign for EACH NFT you are creating. If you do a collection of 10, this will be 10 signings, collection of 100, this will be 100 signings.

Once you have signed to create the NFT, these will now show in your “profile” under the “created” section.


• Once you have created your NFT &/or NFTs, select whichever one you want to sell/list on the marketplace.