May Airdrop

The May Airdrop

Monthly airdrop overview and delay information

Table of contents:

- The Snapshot
- The Airdrop

- Things To Come...

The Airdrop

The $XFT snapshot occurred on the 15th of June 2023 at 19:55 (GMT). The Airdrop delay was due to server management taking up the team's available time. We’d like to start with a full apology from the NFTempo team and can guarantee we’re back on track for June's Snapshot (which will be taken any day now!)

The Marketplace

As part of 12 month holders rewards, 3,125,000 $XFT has been dropped to holders with a final ratio of 0.0550399994 per $XFT held. Throughout the 12 month airdrop cycle, we actively remove farming/bot wallets from the pool. This is undertaken to ensure genuine holders are protected.

Things To Come...

The NFTempo team is continuing to innovate within the music, Web3 and XRPL space. Over the last month we have rolled out a number of backend improvements to our server to better improve performance. We are also setting up in-house servers for even more website improvements. This along with the deployment of our next exciting addition to the music NFT scene… Music Videos! We will share updates once this moves out of the stringent testing faze.
From the entire NFTempo team, thank you for your patience and let's keep upping the tempo!